New Here?

What kind of church is CAC Jeffersonville?

CAC Jeffersonville is an Apostolic Pentecostal church. We are Apostolic by doctrine, meaning we follow the teachings set forth by the Apostles of Jesus in the book of Acts. We are Pentecostal by experience, just like the early church!

What should I wear when visiting FPC Anderson?

At CAC Jeffersonville, you can come as you are! You'll see various styles when visiting, and you’re welcome to wear what you are comfortable in.

What is there for my children?

We have exciting and engaging Sunday School classes with passionate teachers. We have a monthly Youth Service where singing and teaching is directed towards their walk with God. We have a Youth Choir that sings monthly during a Worship service. Regardless of when you come, your kids will always be in a fun environment where they will learn and make lifelong friends.